Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor - September 2014



National Honey Board Announces Availability of 2014 National Honey Month Press Kits

Firestone, Colo., July 16, 2014 –The National Honey Board (NHB) is pleased to announce that again this year,  they will be providing press kits to the honey industry in order to promote September as National Honey Month. September has been recognized as National Honey Month in an effort to celebrate this all-natural wonder and its many benefits. The press kit, intended for delivery to local media, will be available at no cost to beekeepers throughout the United States.

The 2014 press kit features information on the benefits of honey, a variety of honey recipes, a 30 Days of Honey one-page handout which encourages consumption of honey throughout the month, as well as the NHB’s newest and most popular honey brochures that showcase honey’s versatility. All the resources included in the press kit are perfect for use by editors and journalists preparing honey features and news stories.

The press kits will be made available in early August and may be requested by calling Andrea Brening at the NHB office (800-553-7162), or by sending an email to Andrea@nhb.org.
The National Honey Board is an industry-funded agriculture promotion group that works to educate consumers about the benefits and uses for honey and honey products through research, marketing and promotional programs.

Jessica Schindler
National Honey Board

September Cover Painting

I do have prints of all my bee images. Most of them are in my eBay store. I didn’t post them all to my website because they are very small and not Limited Edition Prints. They are signed though. Please do refer readers to my website (www.robys.com); there is a menu button on the main page on the left side that they can choose that is my eBay store link. My website has only the Limited Edition Prints listed there. I’ll give you the link to my “bee” page on my eBay store so you can see what I’m talking about: http://stores.ebay.com/Roby-Baers-Fine-Art-And-Prints/Bees-/_i.html?_fsub=294869219&_sid=4807169&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322

Roby & Rich Baer

Bayer Commercial?

Why would you want to print a free advertisement for Bayer?

The article in News Notes by Bayer Project Manager, Becky Langer, (July 2014) may as well be a Bayer commercial. The beekeeper has wonderful success on space provided by a grower of corn, soybeans, mums and hay. We all get the implication that the bees are doing well among crops coated with Bayer systemic poison. You have allowed this commercial to share space with truly important news from USDA and NCSU.  Do you really think that Bayer propaganda should share space with our research authorities?

If you are willing to print private advertisement as news, I would like to start providing you with articles to advertise my beekeeping business.  I’m sure I can create a “feel good” article to promote my products and services on a monthly basis for you.

Donald P. Studinski