Letters to the Editor

 Letters to the Editor - July 2015


Crop Pollination on Small Farms

I am a beekeeper in Urbana IL. Together  with fellow beekeeper, Rachel Coventry, we were recently awarded a two-year NCR SARE grant to study crop pollination on small farms. The idea is to try to persuade the bees to go to the target farm and forest crops. We will compare Italians and Russians, strong hives vs. small hives, different positions around the farm and forest, etc. We will collect samples of pollen from the blooms, then look for their density in the honey.

We are not (yet) experts in pollen identification, so your article by Jeanne Hansen in the Dec. 2014 issue was absolutely the best timing for our project. We are grateful to you for printing the article. Using a microscope is so important in this world of modern beekeeping.
You can see us on Facebook at Chasing the Honey.

Maggie Wachter
Second Nature Honey
Urbana IL

Driveway Bait Hives

After about 7 years of thinking, I finally placed some bait hives on nice stands along our driveway. This makes them easy to check. These should be cute for beekeepers and other visitors coming up our farm driveway. And with 75 beehives in the back yard, I hope to entice swarms to stick around.

Andy Hemken
Andy the Bee Guy

Bee Cage Mailbox Decoration

While wondering what to do with my bee cages, I decided to add one as a decoration to my mailbox post. There’s hardly a person walking by that doesn’t stop to look at it and wonder what it is. If I am in the front yard, they ask ...