Letters to the Editor

 Letters to the Editor - September 2015


“Save the Bees” Art Contest

Below are the objectives of our ‘Save the Bees Art’ contest. We just completed the contest and announced the winner. We had over 1,000 people visit my table, admire the hives and talk about bees and honey.

The community was very excited about the contest and want to expand it to some of the elementary schools as an art project and   teaching opportunity. Maybe I’ll use nuc boxes for the younger children.

I’ve attached some pictures that include the American Honey Princess Hayden Wolf. She attended and got to talk bees and announce the winner.

Objectives / Benefits
- Increase Awareness of Bees and their Importance to your food supply.
- Education: Bees are dying across the country. Teach what people can do to save the bees.
- Use Art as the vehicle to promote and advertise Beekeeping and health benefits of Honey!
- Promote and Increase traffic for the Winnsboro Farmers Market.
- Promote Art and Artists in an art community.
- Beautiful and Unique painted hives for Texas Gold Honey Farm.
- Showcase artist talent.
- Provide Educational Projects for Schools and other community groups.

As I see it, I will benefit from this project because I get the artwork in my apiary. The farmers market would benefit if we can display hives and drive traffic. Schools would get an art project and teaching opportunity.

Bill Zimmer
VP Collin County Beekeepers Association

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