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Welcome to a sample of our online version

of the American Bee Journal

Helpful Tips for Online Viewing

Here are some helpful tips to simplify using the digital copy of the American Bee Journal:

To turn the pages:

  • Click in the lower outside corners where the page curls up.
  • Click on the arrows on the Menu Bar at the top of the page (the double arrow takes you to either the first or last page and the single arrows flip single pages)
  • Use your left & right arrow keys on your keyboard


If you would like to zoom in on a page, click on the page and if you would like it zoomed in further, there is a slider bar located at the top which appears when you click on the page. Slide it to the desired magnification. To zoom out to full page view, click on the page again.

Or click on the magnifying glass on the Menu Bar

Quickly Go to Articles or Advertisements:

To go to an article, click on the Contents icon (green book) located on the Menu Bar. A list of articles that appear in the issue will drop down and you can click on the article of your choice.

Or you may flip to the contents page and click on the listing for the article (you should notice the text being highlighted).

To go to an advertisement, click on the Advertiser icon (red book) located on the Menu Bar. A list of advertisements that appear in the issue will drop down and you can click on the advertisement of your choice.

For Easier Reading of an Article:

On the first page of the article, click on the title of the article (you should notice the title being highlighted). This will open the article in a new window and will only contain the text of the article; so to view article photos, charts, or graphs, you will need to flip back to the digital version. In the new article window, you may increase the text size in the upper right corner by clicking on the size A of your choice. Once you are finished reading the article, you may go to another article by choosing the "View All Articles" button at the bottom or you may close the pop-up window and flip through the digital version.

Other Items Available on the Menu Bar:

Other menu items available at the top of the page are...

  • Print
  • Search the issue using keyword(s)
  • Download a pdf copy of the issue for future offline viewing.

To see what the icons on the menu bar are, hover your cursor over the icon.

Thank you!